Periodical Reprints and
    Other Non-Fiction


Holy (Terror) Bowl I
A first-person account of Sacramento's
First Gridiron Clash of the Catholic Schools

Excerpt from the Q4 2020 novella,
A-S2: A Clockmaker's Journey

A Holiday Fantasy
about the angel, Clarence Odbody

  Barnstormin' Across America
The Bustin' Babes and Larrupin' Lous

An e-book available from Amazon/Kindle

Excerpt from
Barnstormin’ With the Babe
A speculative fiction novel

Neill “Wild Horse” Sheridan
the Longest Home Run Ever Measured

SABR 2011


Excerpt from
The Curse of Queen Califia

A Historical Fantasy novel

California's Medical Marijuana Law - Just a Smokescreen?

Truthout.org 2009


Portugee Portsider Leads Solons

A short story about Sacramento pitcher,
Tony Freitas

Nixon Pardoned a Second Time

Updated 6/24/2020